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This lighting kit is designed to provide an easily lightweight transportable studio photography kit. This portable professional photography kit will bathe your subject in adjustable light and eliminate shadows which will help provide you with the perfect still shot! The strobe lights each have an adjustable turn knob flash output (1/32 - full power). Visit your local photography store and you will quickly discover the retail value of this kit to most likely be in excess of $1,299!
Briefcase Contents Include:
2 strobe lights,
1 sync flash light,
3 stands to hold each light,
2 soft lighting boxes,
gold/ silver double sided reflector,
wireless sync remote camera attachment,
a 4 leaf barn door,
4 colored gels,
a honeycomb light filter
snoot, 1 6x9' Black Muslin
1 6x9' White Muslin
1 HUGE 10x20' Grey Muslin Backdrop
and lots of individual item inner cases for each items protection and separation
5600K color temperature
110-130 Volt
Flash: maximum 160 watts (joule) per second
Recharge Time ranges from 0.5-3 seconds
Flash Duration: 1/600 second at t=0.1; 1/1000 second @ t=.05
Flash tube lifetime: approximately 8k flashes
Slave Effectiveness: 35' (10m)
5 amp fuse (spares included)
Sync Volt: 5v
E-14 screw
Guide No.: 120'/36m ISO100
Light Range of 55 degrees
Weight 1.8 pounds (800g)
Measures approximately f4-7.5 (f100-195mm)
You will find 2 professional series lighting boxes conveniently stored away inside the free travel bag. Within a few minutes, it sets up nearly anywhere you desire. Each is constructed of a metal frame, outer matte black surface, inner highly reflective diffusion surface, and an optional soft white light diffuser. Each is designed to control light, hot spots, and shadows. Each box measures approximately 20x28.
SYNC FLASH B (45w/sec): 
The sync flash will automatically flash when either of the other strobes fires. It is an excellent photographers tool for fill or back lighting. When used in conjunction with the gold umbrella supplied, it will provide a soft glow to the photography subject. The sync flash also includes a hands free adjustable umbrella holder to allow precision soft glow.
Gold Umbrella: 
Designed to connect to the sync flash stand (mentioned/ pictured above). It's purpose is to provide a soft uniform glow to the photographed subject.
Professional Studio Strobe Lights: 
If you recently have shopped at your local photography store, then you probably know the retail price of only 1 light is easily $150! Each light is constructed of the highest quality materials to ensure a long life. Each light boasts 160 watts of power per second! The combined 320 watts are fully adjustable when less light is required by simply turning a knob. Many professionals use the strobes for a variety of purposes; such as, back light, fill light, primary light, or even hair light. This lighting set is a key ingredient for any professional still shot.
3 Lightweight Fully Adjustable Aluminum Light Stands: 
2 matching stands that range in height from 37-84 and a third stand that extends 18-39. Each collapses into a compact and easily transportable size- tucks away into the storage bag. All 3 stands are very stable providing a wide stance. They each are constructed of a heavy duty lightweight aluminum with riveted joints and reinforced brace supports.
3 Muslin Backdrops: 
Included are a black, white and gray cotton muslin backdrops. Each is constructed of a completely seamless, highly woven, texture/ grain free cotton fabric. 2 free custom cases are included to house the muslin cloths and to protect and help keep clean. The gray muslin measures and enormous 10x20' to provide a backdrop large enough for nearly any group or subject. Also included are both a black and white 6x9' muslin cotton backdrop. Each can be hung using our backdrop stand, clamps or even tacks/ nails (muslin stand recommended but not included with this ad- see our other similar ad if needed). Each includes a 4 rod pocket for the muslin stand beam to slide through. There are crimped edges to prevent tears. The black and gray (white not dyed) muslin use high quality dyes which reduce color deviation, prevent fading/ wear with proper use and storage. Each is machine washable.
1 22 (56cm) Gold & Silver (double sided) collapsible reflector. Free storage bag included. Another tool for the professional photographer.
1 four Leaf Barn Door, 4 gels, 1 honeycomb, and 1 snoot attachment: 
The barn door purpose is to help control light spill. It easily attaches to the strobe head. Constructed of metal with 4 hinged adjustable flaps. There are 4 gel color (red, blue, white, and yellow) attachments for correcting/ adjusting the light balance or to create lighting effects. The honeycomb grid is designed to emit a precisely positioned beam of light. And finally the snoot attachment prevents spill over light.
Remote Sync Transmitter: 
This remote will tie all the lights together to synchronize each flash at once. The receiver will connect to one of the strobe lights and activates all flashes at once when the signal is received. Each strobe also includes a built-in slave sensor that is designed to activate with the primary strobe. The remote wireless transmitter mounts onto the hot shoe of your camera (auxiliary flash mount). Every time you snap a photo, all strobes will fire automatically. It works will nearly all 35mm SLR cameras. Each remote has 2 channels.
Custom Master Case: 
And finally to house all the above items, we are including a custom designed master case. It is specifically designed to protect and organize the entire kit. It is constructed of an all-weather material to help protect your expensive photography tools from bad weather while traveling or dust while being stored. 2 hand straps and a shoulder strap allow this complete kit to be easily transported or stored. We even left some room for you to add other accessories such as film, memory cards, etc..

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