What about my artwork?
High resolution, high quality artwork files are required: 300dpi resolution, .pdf, .eps or .ai format artworks files are recommended. We prefer .pdf (font outlined and layers). Your file should be in CMYK

What flag material you use?
We use 110 gr knitted polyester for outdoor use.

Single or double sided?
Most of the swooper / feather flags are single sided. Printed one side and dyed-through to the other side, reversed image back. Don't worry our custom designs are created with this in mind.
Double sided flags has 3 layers. Both sides are identical. The 3rd layer is in the middle, blocking the images from each other.Heavier, needs quality pole.

How to send my artwork?
After you place your order, you can send the artwork to 123minimini @ gmail.com

How to track my order?
Click on Sign In > Order Information > Status History

What shipping companies do you use?
UPS, Fedex, USPS depends of the size and weight of the package.

Can I use my UPS or Fedex account?

Can I come and pick up my order at your store?
We don't have any store but you can reach us if you are in NE Florida.

Can I wash my flag?
Yes, it is colorfast. But it is cheaper if the nature takes care of it.

Is my payment secure?
Yes, we use PayPal and Stripe. We don't handle your card information.

How to get lower prices with larger order?
Orders under 100 flags are printed digitally with higher costs. Over 100 flags can be much cheaper using screen printing. With prices around 15.00

How to contact you?
We prefer you click on "Contact Us" and send a message.



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